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Manufacturers of Craftsman Model Railroad Kits....

Sidetrack Laser has closed its Manufacturing, Design and Sales operations and is now for sale. We offered HO, N and O Scale Laser Cut Craftsman Model Railroad Kits based primarily on buildings found in the Western United States.


Sidetrack Laser .....Up For Sale

Its time to sell the business.  At this time you can purchase all or part of Sidetrack Laser. Obviously.... the overall purchase price will be determined by how much you want to buy. Offered seperately or all together are the  Computer Files.... Remaining Inventory... Remaining Show/advertising Modules.... Remaining Manufacturing Materials and Parts...... and Web Files. Rights to the Sidetrack Laser name will be part of the computer file sale. The laser machine can also be made available, but its an older machine and a newer one is recommended.

With that in mind, as you consider the online catalogs, please keep in mind that most of the discontinued kits we've offered in the past are also shown with the current stocking kits.  If you want more information or you're interested in purchasing all/or part of Sidetrack Laser.... Email your phone number, time zone and best time for for me to contact you........... 


The following links are to the basic catalogs for the computor files that are being sold...

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