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Arbuckle Depot


                                                                                                          Track, Vehicle, Baggage Cart and Figures Not Included

Looks like the Arbuckle Operator has put the Red Board out for the next Southbound to get new orders before proceeding past Arbuckle.
Arbuckle Depot was originally built by the Central Pacific in the 1876-1877. This depot was not a standard design for the later Southern Pacific. Only three depots of this design were built in the area. Besides Arbuckle; the others were located at Zamora and Lolo, California. Three other depots of similar design, but different sizes were also built in Vincent, Dunnigan and Williams; all in California. The Hip Roofed Operators Bay was added to the depot in the 1890's.
Information courtesy of the California Rail Museum...Sacramento



Sidetrack Laser was able to locate photos of all four sides of the building that were assumed to be taken by the Southern Pacific in the late 1950's. These photos were the primary resource used to design this kit.



Photo Courtesy of Robert Morris Photography


We also used many of the measurements we took from location sessions in Arbuckle at the original building as it still stands today.


Kit includes: Laser Cut Walls, Dock, Windows, Doors, Details and Shake Roof.


Also included is the Semaphore Train Order Signal; Fire Hose Reel and Grandt Line Chimney.






Footprint:  11 x  5


Arbuckle Depot

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