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Armstrong Industries

                                                                                                           Rolling Stock, Vehicle, Track & Some Scenery Not Included


Armstrong Industries is basically a freelance design. It has  influences from several Oregon prototypes. The primary influence came from the Main Production Building of the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon. Other parts of the building were influenced by  Cold Storage Facilities in Forest Grove, Oregon 

This building was generically designed with the idea that it could be modeled for several different types of Industries. If you choose to not model it as Armstrong Industries, then there are 5 other choices included in the graphics package for you to choose from or use the dimensions from our graphics to come up with a personalized version you can fit to your layout & it's specific needs.
Kit includes Laser Cut Structural Components, Doors, Tile Panels & various other details like the Roof Top Equipment/Compressors & Pallets for the Dock. Also Included are various cast details & Grandt Line Windows.

The instructions also include the necessary information for you do purchase some additional supplies to achieve the finish we show on the finished model. 




 Footprint:    8 1/2" x 5"


Armstrong Industries


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