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Beaver Creek   Shingle Company

                                                                                                                    Vehicles, Figure & Track Not Included


Shake Mills of yesteryear were anything from a temporary Back Woods Operations that only lasted a short time in one place to more permanent mills that were fixtures of the areas they were located in. Of course, permanence of any mill in any area lasted only as long as the operation was profitable. 



Beaver Creek Shingle Company is a freelanced kit designed to bring a lay-out friendly logging operation to your layout. It is also designed as a more permanent mill that also had rail service; something many shake mills did not have...either because of their remote location and/or their short time in a given location before moving on.



The kit is designed to have three separate layouts for the structure allowing the modeler some latitude in how it will fit into his/her layout.  Two of the options would allow you to bring the raw shake material in by rail as well as ship the finished shakes back out by rail.  




Kit features: Laser Cut Structure; Graphics; Conveyor; Board on Board Main Roof; Windows and Doors; Horse Drawn Shook Sled

Also Includes a Grandt Line Cable Sheave & Metal Roofing.


Footprint:  12 x 12-13



Beaver Creek Shingle Company

This kit comes with one Horse Drawn Sled for moving Short Cedar Bolt material. If you want more......
Visit our Details Page to purchase additional Horse Drawn Sleds 

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