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Cal Pak

Vehicles, Rolling Stock & Track Not Included

Cal Pak is based on a Prototype Fruit Packing operation  we found in Turlock, California. Unfortunately; the prototype burned down sometime in 2011. Being unable to locate any vintage photos or information on the original business...... we decided to re-design the building concept and re-name it to what you see here.
Research has shown that Cal Pak operated some where around 60 different Packing Operations up & down the West Coast in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California that consisted of various building designs. We do not imply Cal Pak used this building design at any of their various Locations.

If Cal Pak does not fit the bill as a viable industry on your layout........the we have included graphics for two other Packing Operations that could either be located in the Pacific Northwest or the Southwest Citrus Growing Region. 


Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components, Doors, Details and Peel 'n Stick Roofing Material.
Kit also Features: Grandt Line Windows, Cast barrels, Paper Graphics & Styrene Dock Stairs.

Foot Print:    4" x 12"
The Dock is long enough to handle 2-40' Reefers


Cal Pak
$78 .95


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