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Camp 12 Engine House


                                                                                                     Locomotive, Track, Figure & Some Scenery Details Not Included


Designed for Narrow Gauge......ON30/ON3 Layouts; Sidetrack Laser's Camp 12 Engine House is different than most everyone else's Engine Houses. Perfect for any backwoods scene or end-of-the-line on your layout, you can park a locomotive in the house & still show it off. 

This single stall house has roll-up fabric walls, detailed workbench and take locomotives up to 9" long. It's shown with Bachmann's ON30 2 Truck Shay.

"...a great addition to a logging railroad or any small narrow gauge branch line."
Model Railroad News...Dec. 2010




Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components and Details as well as Corrugated Metal Roofing, Fabric Walls and Cast Detail Parts.


Footprint:   9" x 4 3/4"


Camp 12 Engine House
ON30/ON3 Scale


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