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Camp 3 Engine House 


                                                                                                                         Locomotive, Figures, Track & Some Scenery Not Included

Camp 3 is a freelanced kit designed to be compatible on both Standard & Narrow Gauge HO layouts. Some logging companies moved a portable Engine House with the rest of the structures when they moved a camp's location. They either tore down sections on structures similar to Camp 3 or moved it by railcar if the house was small enough. Others erected simple temporary houses for their locomotives. Camp 3 can fit either category....depending on the story you put with it.

Camp 3 is perfect for any backwoods scene or end-of-the-line logging/mining location on your layout. Modeled with the cloth walls rolled shows off any locomotive you choose to locate in it.

We designed it with the ability to house up through a Small Consodidation 2-8-0 as pictured.


 Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components & some Details.

Also Includes Cloth Walls, Corrugated Metal Roof & Cast Detail Parts.



Footprint:  3 1/4 " x 9 3/8"


Camp 3 Engine House


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