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Note: We design our O Scale Kits primarily to Narrow Gauge... ON30/ON3......but many of them are readily adaptable to 2 and 3 rail O Scale applications with a little manipulation to your scenery & the placement of the model.

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Beaver Creek Shingle Company


 Camp 12 Engine House

Classic Billboards

Crazy Horse Brewing Company

Crystal Springs Creamery

 Freight Car & Wooden Car Deck Conversions 

 Main Street Garage 

Milk Platform

MOW Shed

NP Small Telegraph Office

Passenger Shelter

 Rail Truck Bachmann ON30 Rail Trucks 

Silver Falls Lumber Co.

Shortline Freight House

  SP Garibaldi Depot

Terminal Ice

Wigwam Chip Burner...Silver Falls Lumber Co.

Wooden Loading Ramp & Walkways

Wilderville Depot


Background Buildings

American Iron and Boiler Works


Sodaville Country Store


Desperation Pass Series
Engine House, Depot, Outhouse, Coal Platform, Water Tower, Yard Shack and Foreman's Cabin

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