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Certified Truck Scales

                                                                                                                                                                Vehicles and Figure Not Included

Certified Truck Scales is a perfect roadside structure that could be found as a stand alone facility in your Industrial District, Waterfront Port Area or part of a Truck Stop in Anytown…Anywhere. The kit has been designed to fit about any era from the 1930’s to present day. 


Kit Features: Laser Cut Structure, Roof, Scales, Ramps, Door & Brick Foundations.

Also Includes: Paper Graphics, Grandt Line Windows & Pipe Chimney.


The Scale House Foundations & the Scale Base are Laser Cut Brick. These pieces are easy to finish using one color to paint in the mortar & then using a Dry Brush Technique to finish the brick.

The Roof on the Scale House can be finished in one of two ways. You can opt to do a Composition Shingle Finish (outlined in the instructions) or you can finish it as a Flat Tile Roof.   


Footprint: 3 1/2" x 13"


Certified Truck Scales


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