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Santa Fe's...  Colton Depot

                                                                                                                                      Figures, Vehicles and Track Not Included


In 1927, the Santa Fe Railroad built this Spanish Colonial Revival Styled Depot in Colton, California. It served the Santa Fe as a passenger stop through the years right up to the BNSF merger. Currently owned by the BNSF, the building still stands today being used as office space by Archer Daniels Midland Co. ADM also uses the surrounding yard area as a trans-loading site for handling rail tank cars in conjunction with their Corn Processing Division. 

 All though some details were massaged for manufacturing purposes; Sidetrack Laser has been able to design a kit that reasonably depicts the Santa Fe prototype as it appeared in 1970's vintage photos & file photos taken in 2009.

We're aware of a couple of minor changes through the years, but confident this kit with the right period paint scheme will fit all eras from 1927 to present day.  



This HO Scale Stucco Styled Kit includes: Laser Cut Walls, Windows, Doors, Awning Cover, Building Details, Roofing, Graphics and Waiting Benches.


The instructions also tell you how to easily get the stucco finish needed to complete this kit.

Footprint: 3 x 13


Colton Depot


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