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Cougar Ridge Lumber Company


 Track, Rolling Stock, Logs & Other Scenery Items Not Included


Many things both good and bad have been said about the Lumber Barons of yesteryear. But no matter how you feel; the Timber Industry was one of the major industries that built this country. Cougar Ridge has it's roots in the Saw Mills of the Pine Country of Southern Oregon and  Northern California. These mills were used as a basis for our design. No matter.....Cougar Ridge Lumber Company may have been found anywhere they were logging from Alaska to Florida.  

Complex shown in a 23" x 26" area
Sidetrack Laser offers Cougar Ridge Lumber Company as a series of kits. This flexibility allows you to plan/model different versions of a Saw Mill Operation. The entire complex; saw mill and planing mill complex with tracks and chip burner/chip hopper can be arranged to tightly fit into a 24" x 30" foot area making it layout friendly. Cougar Ridge can also fit into several eras depending on how you do your scenery & your choice of the optional Kits. 
Saw Mill Planing Mill

Cougar Ridge Lumber Company



Cougar Ridge Saw Mill Features:

Laser Cut Real Cedar Roof Shingles & Details
 Wooden Building, Doors, Log Conveyor & Graphics
Grandt Line Windows.



 Window Plug for later addition of a Chip Burner or Sidetrack Laser's Chip Hopper/Rail Car Loader below... 

"Cougar Ridge Lumber Co. can be the centerpiece of a first-class scene & operating point on your layout."
 Model Railroad News...August 2008

Layout Friendly Footprint...
7 1/2" x 18"


North, South, East or West...Douglas Fir & Redwoods to Pine, Cedar or Hardwoods...
Cougar Ridge could be cutting anything from Lumber to Box Shook.


Cougar Ridge Lumber Company


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Cougar Ridge Planing Mill Complex

                                                                                                     Rolling Stock & Track Not Included
Sidetrack Laser's Cougar Ridge Planing Mill Complex is an optional add-on kit designed to be part of a Larger Saw Mill operation using our Saw Mill. The Complex includes a Planing Mill, Machine Shop, Boiler Addition, Loading Dock and Kiln/Warehouse.  


You can build it as a designed complex of structures or with some simple kitbashing, set it up to meet your needs. The exterior framed building can act as either a warehouse, general mill building or drying kiln depending on the era you are modeling.



 Cougar Ridge Planing Mill Complex  Features:

Laser Cut Cedar Roof Shingles, Buildings, Doors with other details plus Grandt Line Windows and Cast Roof Detail Vents.

The Planing Mill also has an upper window plug like the saw mill for later Chip Burner or Chip Hopper additions. 


Footprint: 8" x 24"


Cougar Ridge Planing Mill Complex

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