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Crazy Horse Brewing Company

Pictured with Bachmann ON30 Rio Grande Ice Reefer

                                                                                                                            Rolling Stock, Truck, Figures and track Not Included

Before the days of Big Breweries and today's Micro breweries; many communities had to rely on more regional and/or local breweries to fill the demand for Beer and other Spirits.


Sidetrack Laser has designed Crazy Horse Brewing Company as a regional or Local Brewery that would fit into either a before or after prohibition era railroad. If you're modeling the Prohibition era, no problem........board up the windows & make it appear the owners are waiting for better days to reopen.


Crazy Horse Brewing Co. is a two story clapboard sided structure for Brewing, Shipping and Offices. The rear Board and Batten Annex Building is designed to house the boiler and mechanical area. The outside tanks incorporate board by board construction with plumbing into the brewery. We've also used a new wooden material that's Laser Cut for you to finish that looks like a stone/brick foundation.

Kit includes: Laser Cut Structures, Foundation, Doors, Windows, Graphics, Peel 'n Stick Paper Brewery Roof and Details....Pallets & Barrels

Also Included: Berkshire Valley Cast details, Hand Truck & Barrels as well as Metal Annex Roofing & Grandt Line Chimney

 Footprint:     13" x 14"




We even included extra Laser Cut Graphics so you can model your own Stake Truck.


Product Review : Model Railroad News.....Apr. 2010

Crazy Horse Brewing Company



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