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Desperation Pass

Desperation Pass is a series of 7 kits of a fictional place that could be on a Narrow Gauge Railroad anywhere in the world. Many of the buildings used in this series find their roots on a Narrow Gauge System somewhere in the Western United States.  The series is specifically designed for ON30 or ON3 applications only, all though some of the kits will work on Full Size O Scale Layouts.
Desperation Pass Kits
Depot Outhouse
Engine House Yard Shed
Foremans Cabin Water Tower
Coal Platform


                                                                                                                                                                       Track and Figures Not Included


The Desperation Pass Depot follows no particular Prototype; however depots of similar design in various sizes can be found just about anywhere on any Rail System. We chose to keep the Desperation Pass design small. The Depot Agents Office is only large enough for not much more than his desk & stove.  Passengers waiting for the next train have to wait under the covered Awning Area outside.

Kit Includes: Laser Cut Building Components, Door, Windows, Shake Roofing & Some Details. Also includes Cast Detail Parts & Grandt Line Train Order Signal

Foot Print: 6 3/8" x 3 1/2"


Desperation Pass Depot

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The venerable Outhouse...From Railroads to Farms, Sea to Shining Sea; it was the one landmark that saw more varieties than you can imagine; had many stories told about it & in some instances still survives today. The Desperation Pass Outhouse follows no specific Prototype.......but it probably had several over the years.

Figure not included

Kit Includes: Laser Cut Components; Styrene Hinges & Corrugated Metal Roofing.

Footprint:   1 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Desperation Pass Outhouse

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Engine House

                                                                                                                                   Locomotive Not Included

Inspiration for the  Desperation Pass Engine House came from a couple of places. We selectively compressed and used the concept of a prototype that once stood at Boulder Creek on the Narrow Gauge South Pacific Coast Railway in Central California. Then we added some influence from a standard John Allen design that seems to have become somewhat of a Standard Design.
The prototype was designed as a run through house, but the South Pacific Coast never tied the dead end back into the yard. They left it as a dead end & closed the doors. You can model it like the prototype or as a run through  house

The Kit can be built with a removable Roof. This allows you to show any locomotive housed here as well as the interior detail that comes with the kit or you add to it. 



The kit features: Laser Cut Structural Components; Interior Detail/Framing; Doors; Open/Closed optioned Windows and Wooden Shake Roof.


Also featured are Berkshire Valley Cast Detail Parts; Grandt Line Operational Door Hinges, Barrel and Smoke Stack Assembly.



 We primarily used a Bachmann ON30 2-8-0 Consolidation to design the size and clearances of the Engine House. It was then lengthened about an inch or so in an effort to get a slightly longer locomotive.



Footprint:  15 3/4" x 5"





Desperation Pass Engine House

$134.955           MSRPMSRP
ON30/ON3 Onlyy 

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Water Tower


Locomotive & Track Not Included

The Water Tower for Desperation Pass was modeled after a similar tower that was on the Sumpter Valley Railroad in Eastern Oregon. It was owned by the Oregon Lumber Co at Bates originally. It's believed it was moved elsewhere on the system as needed. It still stands in McEwen & is in use by the current Sumpter Valley RR. We slightly modified the measurements from the original to try and make it a little more Layout Friendly.



Kit Features: Laser Cut Walls, Structural Components & Some Details

Also Includes: Corrugated Metal Roofing & Grandt Line Spout Kit

Foot print:  4" x 4"


Desperation Pass Water Tower

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Yard Shack


                                                                                                                                                                             Track Not Included

The Desperation Pass Yard Shed is based on a Denver Rio Grande Outfit car as we found it displayed on blocks at Sumpter Valley Railroad's homebase in Mc Ewen, Oregon. The Historical Group has since restored it also putting trucks back under it & we assume it is on display or in use on their 5 mile system somewhere.
The Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components & Details that include Operational Windows; Doors & Peel 'n Stick Roofing

Also Included: Grandt Line, Tichey & Berkshire Valley cast Detail parts 

Footprint:    7" x 3 1/4"


Desperation Pass Yard Shack
$56.95     MSRP

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Foreman's Cabin


                                                                                                                    Track Not Included

The Foreman's Cabin is modeled after a prototype that once served this purpose at Dixie on the Sumpter Valley RR in Eastern Oregon. Dixie was a remote location on the line generally South of Sumpter up in the mountains. In the Winter Season; it was not unusual to get 12 feet of Snow at Dixie. We found the building after it was moved to McEwen where we measured & photographed it.

The building appears to have had an outhouse added on after it was built, probably to shorten those Winter walks. We designed the kit with interior Outhouse detail so you could model it with an  open door.


Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components; Doors; Windows & Peel 'n Stick Roofing with Cast Smoke Jack

Foot Print:  4 1/2" x 3 " 


Desperation Pass Foreman's Cabin

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Locomotive Coal Platform/Ramp


                                                                                                   Locomotive, Rolling Stock & Extra Scenery Not Included

The Coaling Platform & Ramp was designed with the Low Operating Budget Railroad in mind. Coal had to be manually unloaded from in-coming Coal Cars & manually loaded on the Locomotives.  

Several Coal Platforms and Facilities contributed to the over-all design of this kit.



Kit Features Laser Cut Components

Footprint:  5" x 18 1/2"


Desperation Pass Coaling Platform/Ramp
ON30/ON3 Only

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