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Laser Cut Wooden Shake Roof Material

O Scale Shake Roofing Shown

Sidetrack Laser's Wooden Shake Roofing is manufactured from a Lightly Backed Cedar Wooden Product and Laser Cut into Shake strips for your building projects.
Follow our directions to construct a sub-roof and apply the shakes. We recommend gluing these shakes down with Aleene's Tacky Glue. If you properly wipe off the excess glue you'll get during application; then the shakes will readily accept any weathering process you want to use including an India Ink/Alcohol Wash.
HO Shakes: 5 Sheets per bag covers approx. 45 sq. in.

O Scale Shakes: 7 Sheets per Bag covers approx. 36 sq. in.


Laser Cut Wooden Pallets



Sidetrack Laser's Wooden pallets are available in both HO & O Scale. They are laser cut from wood Plywood for the tops and Basswood for the skids.


They readily take weathering with an India Ink/Alcohol wash. You can distress them or model them as new from the mill

HO Pallets....9 per Bag

O Pallets......6 per Bag


Horse Drawn Sleds.......O Scale Only


O Scale Horse Drawn Sled


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