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Grass Valley Farmers Coop
Grain Elevator

                                                                                                           Track, Figures, Rolling Stock & Vehicles Not Included

Sidetrack Laser’s Grass Valley Grain Elevator is a great stand alone kit that can fit into eras before Transition to Present Day. A Western Styled Elevator, they can still be found in many areas from Chicago to the West Coast as well as Canada. This Elevator was primarily designed from a published photo of the Alberta Wheat Pool Grain Elevator in Chipman, Alberta…Canada.

Footprint:  7" x 17"

This kit highlights additional details from the Loading Area and Grain Bin to the Interior Detail in the Un-loading Shed.

Kit Features: Laser Cut Buildings, Shake Roof, Doors, Elevator Windows and Details.

A Selection of Paper Graphics is also included that has various advertising signs for your use. It also includes four different elevator signs/names for you to choose from......or using our signs for size & your computer; it's easy for you to generate your own name & graphics. 


The Kit also utilizes Laser Cut Brick Work on the Scale Base & Scale House Foundations that is easy to finish. 


Grass Valley Farmers Co-op
Grain Elevator



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