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SP Garibaldi Depot

                                                                                                                                                Track and Figure Not Included

The Garibaldi Depot was built by the Southern Pacific in 1936 and has the distinction of being one of the last One Room Depots in the United States. The depot has managed to survive and all though it has been moved from it's original location across the tracks; it still stands today in seemingly good condition in Lumberman's Park in Garibaldi, a small community on the Tillamook Bay on the Oregon Coast.
Sidetrack Laser designed this Laser Cut kit based on the historic structure shown in our research photographs. The building was scaled from measurements we took off the building & photos taken over the last couple of years of the Depot's details as they are today. No Historic Photos of when it was still in operation by the SP were found in the research process, so a couple of assumptions had to be made regarding things such as the wooden platform.  We feel this kit represents the Depot as it was in it's hey-day; serving the town of Garibaldi on the Tillamook Branch of the Southern Pacific.

Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components, Door, Windows, Wooden Platform, Platform Bench, Signs and Wood Shingle Roof. 

Kit also includes: Grandt Line Order Board, Barrels, Electrical Boxes, Smoke Jack as well as Paper Graphics.



Footprint:  4 1/2" x 7 1/2" 


SP Garibaldi Depot

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