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Grass Valley
Feed and Seed

                                                                                                                                                Track, Rolling Stock and Vehicle Not Included

Grass Valley Feed and Seed is based on a prototype in Lebanon, Oregon. It operated for years as Scroggins Feed and Seed. In later years the named changed to Farmway Feed and Seed. We selectively compressed and redesigned it to be layout friendly, but maintained the original spirit & lines of the prototype building.

The Main Building was built in the late 1800's; it still stands today making it a viable structure in all most any Railroad Era you choose to model.

This Kit Features: Laser Cut Structure, Dock, Pallets, Windows & Doors.

Other Features Include: Paper Graphics Sheet, some Grandt Line Windows, Cast Details & Metal Roofing/Siding

Our Paper Graphics also include a selection of  graphics from the prototype....see below



Even though we selectively compressed this kit; it can still handle two 40' boxcars on the railhead.


10 3/4" x 7 3/4"


Grass Valley Feed and Seed

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Scroggins Feed and Seed.....Background

The original building was built in the early 1880's in Lebanon, Oregon. It sets on the Southern Pacific Branchline that ran from Albany, Oregon east to Lebanon. The line ran East of Lebanon to Dollar servicing the many Saw Mill operations that existed in the region, but this part of the line was operated by the Oregon Electric RR. The OE had Trackage rights on the SP Line to access their lines East of Lebanon.
In the 1930's, a new addition was added on to the original structure. It appears this addition nearly doubled the size of the complex.
A web site devoted to this structure claims there are two 40' Ice Reefers from the early 1900's inside the addition. We were unable to gain access to the structure to verify their condition or existence.
The structure was strategically located right across the tracks from the SP Depot in Lebanon. It's unknown at this time how much revenue the SP got from Scroggins......but it's size indicates it probably was respectable.
Our photos show the structure as it stood in 2007.....after it had been closed for a poeriod of years.  At that time we were told the City wanted to demolish it.
There is a group in Lebanon that recently took title to the structure. Their hope is to restore the older part of the Structure to a condition as it stood early in its existance. Hopwever, if they don't get a good foothold on getting the project; the City could prevail.

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