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Background Buildings

Sodaville Country Store Shown
The building kits found on this page are HO Scale Background Buildings. They do not have a finished back & are designed to be placed against the back wall of your layout.
Kits on this page:
Crazy Loon Saloon/Copperstone Restuarant
Fox Theater
Greyhound Bus Depot

River City Distributors

Sodaville Country Store

River City Distributors

                                                                                                             Rolling Stock, Vehicles, Figure and Track Not Included

River City Distributors is a layout friendly Background Building designed to give your layout a versatile switching opportunity. Depending on the Truck at the Dock or Rail Car Spotted at the Rail Head Door.....River City can distribute anything from Groceries, Beverages, and Dairy Products to Hardware, Auto Parts and Furniture.


Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components; Structural Detailing; Roof Top Billboard and Graphics.

 Also Featured is Grandt Line Windows & Corrugated Metal Roofing.



4" x 12 3/4"

River City is designed to handle 40 Ft. Steam Era Box Cars & Reefers. High Cube Cars may require you to drop the Track Level when you install the building to your Layout.

River City Distributors
HO Scale Background Building

$57.95      MSRP

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Crazy Loon Saloon...Copperstone Restuarant.

                                                                                                                           Vehicle & Figures Not Included

The Crazy Loon Saloon...Copperstone Restuarant is based on a store front that existed in Hillsboro, Oregon for many years. We changed the name on the Tavern/Saloon from the Out Rigger to the Crazy Loon, but the Copperstone was a finer dining establishment and Night Spot in Hillsboro for many years. The front still exists today as different businesses.



Kit Features: Laser Cut Brickwork; Tilework; Graphics & Structural Components.


Also included: Grandt Line Doors and Windows with Paper Graphic.



Foot Print:    5 1/4" x 7/8"


Copperstone Restuarant

$19.95   MSRP

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Fox Theater
Vehicle and Figures Not Included
Sidetrack Laser’s new Fox Theater is an Art Deco designed Movie Theater that could be found in Any Town. Theaters of this type will fit all most any era from the 1930’s to Present Day.
Kit Features: Laser Cut Building Components; Graphics; Tile Work and Details with Grandt Line Windows/Doors and Paper Graphics
Footprint:    1 ¾” x 6”    Measurement Includes Awning Overhang
Fox Theater
$26.95     MSRP


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Greyhound Bus Depot
Vehicles and Figures Not Included
Sidetrack Laser's Background Greyhound Bus Depot was inspired by a single image of a Depot in Jackson, Tennessee. It is unknown if there were other Depots in other parts of the Country that were designed like this one. The design as we saw it in the photo lent itself well to the Background Building Kit seen here.

Kit includes Laser Cut Building Parts; Graphics and Some Details. Also included are Grandt Line Doors and Windows.

Footprint: 3 1/8" x 9 5/8"
HO Greyhound Depot
Background Building
$39.95   MSRP

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Sodaville Country Store
                                                                                                                   Vehicles and Figure Not Included
Country Stores were at one time as common as the local Mini Mart is today. Many still exist today as period gift stores in Tourist areas or as they were originally intended, a Country Store somewhere in Rural America.

Foot Print:  3 1/2" x 4"

Sodaville Country Store was designed to fit into a Transition Era Layout. With a little Kitbashing & change the gas Pump; it can be made to fit into layouts of both earlier & later than transitioin Era.

Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components; Doors and Windows; Some Details & Peel 'n Stick Roofing on the Awning

Also included: Corrugated Metal Roofing; Cast detail Parts and Graphics
Sodaville Country Store
$39.95   MSRP

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