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Lucas Brothers Manufacturing

                                                                                                            Track, Rolling Stock and Truck Not Included


Lucas Brothers Manufacturing brings back an era when Heavy Timber Type of Construction was the modern way of building. All though this kit follows no particular prototype; it's features are illustrative of many of these buildings, some still standing and in use today. Our graphics model this as a furniture manufacturing facility, but by redesigning the paper graphics on your computer, you can make it any type of factory you want.  


Lucas Brothers depicts a thriving, expanding business. One side of the factory with the Saw-tooth Roof was established in 1912 according to our Laser Cut Graphics. Business was so good, they saw a need to add the peaked roof end, second railcar door and the truck dock sometime later. These types of additions were all common for this type of building. Our kit attempts to show this expansion with different windows and roof styles/materials on each end.  


This Kit features:

Laser Cut Walls, Cedar Shake Roofing, Windows, Doors and Graphics.

Other Laser Cut  Details include the Roof Mounted Water Tank, Truck Dock, Pallets, Semi-Truck Chip Hopper/Loader and Peel 'n Stick Roofing for the Saw-tooth section. 







Footprint:     23" x 7"


Lucas Brothers is ready to become a major Mainline Shipper on your system. The Truck Dock is set up for two Trucks or more importantly; the Railhead is designed to take 2- 40 foot or a single 50 foot Boxcar under the Covered Roof.  


Lucas Brothers Manufacturing
244.95   MSRP

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