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Modeler's Page

To get on our modeler's page, purchase a Sidetrack Laser Kit; Assemble it ; Photo it on the layout, if possible and send us the photos with a little background on your project. If selected; we'll add it to this page for at least 12 months for everyone to admire your work.  


California South Coast ON30 Modular Group
Josef Bingisser

Josef's rendering of our Camp 12 kit is fantastic. He added extra detail & weathered it heavily to achieve a Realistic Back Woods look. If you have the opportunity to see it with the rest of the layout at a show in Southern's well worth the time. This layout has several Sidetrack Laser Kits...all well done by the various modelers in the group.


Delane Reed

Delane Reed shows us another version as well as the versatility of our Camp 12 Kit in this diorama he put together for a future layout.


Jim Williams
Claremont, California


Lucas Brothers Manufacturing is an adaptable kit that can fill many uses. Jim chose to model it as Blue Diamond, a major player in the California Almond Industry. 


Stu Gralnik...Model Building Services
Lexington, Mass
Stu completed construction of our Silver Falls Lumber Co. & Green Chain kits for a client & sent us these photos. Stu had to omit our Log Conveyor & Scratch Build a replacement to meet the client's specifications. We have no idea who the client is.......but this is an incredible Log Conveyor. We're certain this will be a center piece diorama on his layout when it's completely installed. 


Bill Davis...Light Iron Digest


These are the unpublished photos from the Wilderville Product Review done by Bill Davis for Light Iron Digest........Issue #54...2008. For more information on what he did......check out the review. 



California Central Coast ON30 Modular Group
Joe Hendrickson...Morgan Hill, Calif.


Joe added some extra detail & weathered our O Scale Wigwam Chip Burner. He also replaced the Cloth Screen in the kit with a Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner from good ole' Home Depot.



Terry Haven
Ridgecrest, California
Lucas Brothers finds another use as a cannery


Sidetrack Laser's Inside Gateway

The layout here at Sidetrack Laser is a Freelance Setting set on the Inside Gateway in & around Klamath Falls, Oregon. All though set in the late 1950's; Steam as well as More modern Motive Power occasionally runs trhe rails here. This location allows me the opportunity to model some of my favorite railroads thanks in part to the Great Northern's willingness to negotiate Pools & Trackage Rights. We will occasionally add photos of the layout as they become available.

Yardmaster's Office in the South Klamath Falls Great Northern Yard.



One of the local Potato Trucks is leaving Certified Truck Scales on it's way to a near-by Potato Shed



The building that served as the basis for Terminal Ice is this structure that was designed & scratch built prior to Sidetrack Laser being formed. It's modeled here as a Western Fruit Express Ice Dock that sets in the South Klamath Falls GN Yard.



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