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N Greyhound Bus Depot

N Greyhound Bus Depot 2

                                                                                                                                                                                 Figures, Car and Bus Not Included

The Greyhound Bus Depot of a Bygone Era was once a central point of many communities across the nation. During this period of time, Greyhound engaged the services of several designers that used a similar new style of architecture to construct many new stations, both large and small.

This depot is designed to recall that period in Greyhound history. While it follows no specific prototype, it has some of those features. It was kept smaller to fit on your layout into Your-town USA and be layout friendly. 


Greyhound & Greyhound Dog are Registered Trademarks of Greyhound Lines, Inc. & used  under a licensing agreement.



 Footprint:  4 1/2" x 4 1/4"


Kit features a Resin based Card Stock that leaves a smooth finish on the front and side wood grain. Construction Panels prevalent in this style architecture are engraved into this new material for one piece wall assembly.

Other kit features include Laser Cut walls, roof, doors, base and graphics.........Grandt Line Windows as well as cast roof details.

The new material featured in this kit requires no heat or steaming to achieve the curved front corner.


N Greyhound Bus Depot


Greyhound Bus Depot 2
Background Building
Vehicles and Figures Not Included
Sidetrack Laser's Background Greyhound Bus Depot was inspired by a single image of a Depot in Jackson, Tennessee. It is unknown if there were other Depots in other parts of the Country that were designed like this one. The design as we saw it in the photo lent itself well to the Background Building Kit seen here.

Kit includes Laser Cut Building Parts; Graphics; Doors and Some Details. Also included are Grandt Line Windows.

Footprint:  2" x 5 3/8"
N Greyhound Bus Depot 2
$34.95     MSRP

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