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N Scale Trackside Series


Sidetrack Laser's Trackside Series is a selection of kits that depict various MOW Structures & Facilities crucial to period operations found along the tracks primarily during the Transition Era of Railroading.......but also adaptable to other eras. These kits will be designed so that beginning to experienced modelers can easily assemble them for added detail to their Layouts/Dioramas.

Kits on this Page:

MOW Shed
Snow Shed
Passenger Shelter
Sidetrack Laser's TOFC Combo Kit


Snow Shed

                                                                                                        Rolling Stock, Track & Scenery Not Included

Mountain Railroads from the Rockies To the High Cascades have encountered and battled the ongoing problems of Winter Snow Falls. One of the ways they got around snow on the mainline was construction of snow sheds to cover the track. These sheds covered a wide array of design styles from railroad to railroad.  

Sidetrack Laser has designed a generic Snow Shed loosely following a Great Northern Design. You can install this kit as a stand alone installation or string them together with a little kit Bashing.

Kit features Laser Cut Structural Components

Foot Print :  2" x 6 1/4"


N...Snow Shed Kit
One Kit.....  $ 17.95   MSRP

Three Kits...  $44.95   MSRP

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Passenger Shelter

                                                                                                                                  Figures amd track Not Included

Sidetrack Laser's N Scale Trackside Passenger Shelter is designed after an Southern Pacific Standard Plan used on the SP Red Line in Oregon. We slightly redesigned a couple of areas to make it more modeler friendly for assembly.
Kit Features: Laser Cut  Structural Components including Wood Shake Roof,  Interior Framing and Seats

Foot Print:  1 3/4" x 1 1/4"


N Trackside Passenger Shelter

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MOW Shed
Sidetrack Laser's MOW Shed is patterned after a shed that was located in the ex-Southern Pacific Yard in Hillsboro, Oregon. The current owner of the line; the Portland Western RR is still using the structure today.

1 1/8" x 2 1/8"
Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components; Roofing; Doors & Details including Interior Framing in the Open Shed.
Also Includes Corrugated Metal Roofing over the Open Shed.
N MOW Shed
$19.95   MSRP

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TOFC Combo Kit

                                                                                                                   Rolling Stock & Track Not Included
During the early days of TOFC Service, loading and unloading was a labor intensive operation. Many railroads like the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy (CB&Q); Maine Central & Rio Grande built and installed elevated walkways at some of their TOFC terminals to make it easier for yard personnel to handle tie down equipment, landing gears and hitch bases.

Unlike our HO & O Scale Kits; Sidetrack Laser will only offer the Combo Kit in N Scale. The Combo Kit will give you one loading ramp & two walkways.

A distinctive feature on our N Scale TOFC Combo Kit is the Laser Cut Brick Foundation. Like the rest of the kit, it comes unfinished. It's not difficult to finish paint the brick work & weather the kit so it appears hard used from your railroads TOFC Traffic. 

Footprint:  7 1/2" x 2 1/2"

N TOFC Combo Kit

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