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O Scale Background Buildings
Sodaville Country Store Shown
The building kits found on this page are O Scale Background Buildings. They do not have a finished back & are designed to be placed against the back wall of your layout. If you want the rear of the building viewable from the back.........then a couple of options for these buildings include detailing the inside or kitbashing a back on the building. 
Kits on this page include:
American Iron and Boiler Works
Sodaville Country Store


 Iron and Boiler Works
                                                                                                    Rolling Stock; Vehicle; Figure, Flat Car Load and Track Not Included
American Iron & Boiler Works is a natural for any layout up through at least the 1960's. Steam Boilers were Industries Power & the best way to move any boiler long distance was the railroad. The kit is designed to handle both 2/3 rail or narrow gauge Rolling Stock.

A Gantry Style Crane is an intregal part of the kit.

Kit Includes: Laser Cut Structural Components, Doors, Windows, Brickwork, Graphics, Shake Roofing & other details

Also included: Corrugated Metal Roofing and Cast Detail Parts.

Footprint:   12" x 23"
American Iron and Boiler Works
$126.95     MSRP

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Sodaville Country Store
                                                                                                                        Figures & Vehicle Not Included
Country Stores were at one time as common as the local Mini Mart is today. Many still exist today as period gift stores in Tourist areas or as they were originally intended in Rural America.

All though this kit was designed with an earlier era in is adaptable enough with a little kit Bashing & either changing or omitting the Gas Pump to fit into a more modern era.

Footprint:   6" x 8" 
Signs & Gas Pump Placement will alter this figure.
The Building is 5" x 7 1/2" .

Kit Features Laser Cut Building Components, Doors, Windows, Details & Peel 'n Stick Roofing on the Awning.

Also Featured are Berkshire Valley and Grandt Lint Cast Detail Parts; Corrugated Metal Roofing & Paper Graphics.
Sodaville Country Store
$62.95    MSRP


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