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Milk Platform

                                                                                                     Track Not Included

From the Early Days of railroading through the Transition Era; the local creamery provided American Households with their Dairy needs. In many parts of the country; railroads provided a local called the Milk Run or combined this with a mixed service; many times combined with the local passenger service. Since Dairy Cows don't take a day off...The Milk Run had to run every day picking up milk left by local farmers from platforms normally set along side the main minimizing switching into spurs.....finally delivering the milk to the creamery by days end.

Sidetrack Laser's Milk Platform is a freelanced kit that brings back the days of the Milk Run.

It can be used in Milk Service or as an abandoned platform along the main that hinted at a past service provided by your railroad.

Kit Features all Laser Cut structural components, inside framing, dock assembly, Board on Board Roof as well as some Grandt Line Milk Cans for added detail.

Foot Print..... 4 1/2" x 4"


Easily Adaptable to all O Scale Layouts

Milk Platform


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