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Wooden Loading Ramp and Walkways

                                                                                                              Rolling Stock, Tractor and track Not included

From branchline to mainline, railroads offered team tracks and loading ramps all across the country for loading and unloading freight from box cars to flatcars.
Sidetrack Laser's wooden Loading Ramp and Walkways offers you a great addition to your layout. Use it to add to or start a team track area next to one of your stations or towns your railroad serves.

The kit is shown here set up for ON30.

We Stock Both Narrow Gauge & Full Size O Scale Ramps & Combo Kits.

When Ordering A Loading Ramp/Loading Ramp Combo...Please Indicate Which O Scale You Are Ordering For

Wooden Loading Ramp & Walkway Combo
$19.95         MSRP


Wooden Loading Ramp



Wooden Walkway
$11.95   MSRP

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