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Terminal Ice


Rolling Stock, Tree, Truck, Track Not Included

Kit Features: Laser Cut Icing Dock, Building, Doors, Windows,  Graphics and Sidetrack Peel 'n Stick Roofing. Also features Paper Graphics, Chain Ice Conveyor and Grandt Line Electrical Boxes

Footprint:     Building 5" x 10"      Ice Dock 2 1/8" x 20"

Terminal Ice takes its name from an Ice Company that existed for many years in Hillsboro, Oregon. Terminal Ice was located next to the old Birdseye Cannery. The cannery used to set at the crossing of  the old Southern Pacific Tillamook Branch which followed  Adams Street and the Oregon Electric (SP&S) line that went through Hillsboro on Washington Street. The cannery was served by a spur from the SP off Adams Street and Terminal Ice had a spur from the old Oregon Electric Line. The Oregon Electric spur may have extended far enough to also serve Birdseye, but I don't recall and can not confirm that.

My memories of Terminal Ice recalls Reefers set on the spur, but that was after Ice Reefer days. I presume they were shipping bulk ice in Mechanical Reefers at that time. They also supplied Bulk Ice locally shipping by refrigerated trucks.


While the Terminal Ice Kit borrows it's name from history; the actual building depicted in this kit is freelanced. There was no icing platform that I remember, but  one may have existed before my time/memory. I have found no photo evidence to prove/disprove an Icing Platform existed earlier than the late 1950's. My memories of these sites is good from the early 1960's forward. 



Terminal Ice in O Scale
$118.95   MSRP



Visit Our O Scale Billboard Page for a Terminal Ice Billboard to advertise your Ice Service


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