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Thunder Bay Lumber Company finds its roots in three Sawmills located on the Oregon Coast. These mills were the Brighton Mill in Nehelam Bay; The Hobsonville Mill in Tillamook Bay and The Dean Mill in Coos Bay. All three of these mills were located on Southern Pacific Coastal Branch Lines; Brighton and Hobsonville on the Tillamook Branch...The Dean Mill on the Coos Bay Branch. While a lot of the lumber found it's way on to Coastal Freighters for shipment to other Coastal Ports; the railroad carried lumber shipments to points inland and in some cases was also a source for in-coming shipments of logs.     

Thunder Bay Lumber Co. is a Laser Cut Kit that would easily fit into a Standard or Narrow gauge Layout. Coastal Mills like it could be found in any navigable Bay or River in the country.  

We selectively compressed this kit to make it more layout friendly. You can choose to model it like it is or add more to it. It will readily accept a log dump area as well as many of our Saw Mill add-on kits such as Chip Burners & Loaders.

Footprint : 11" x 29"


Thunder Bay Lumber Co. features:

Laser Cut Buildings, Dock, Graphics.

Laser Cut details include Lumber, Lumber Carts, Log Conveyor, Greenchain, Access Ramp, Doors, Cedar Shake and Peel 'n Stick tar Paper Roofing

Also includes Standing Seam Metal Roofs, Grandt Line Windows and many White Metal Castings.


Thunder Bay Lumber Co.

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