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Wilderville Depot

                                                                                                   Track and Vehicle Not Included

The Wilderville Depot is a slightly redesigned O Scale Replica of the prototype that once served the California and Oregon Coast Railroad. The C&OC RR was supposed to connect the Siskiyou Branch of the Southern Pacific at Grants Pass, Oregon to the seaport located in Crescent City, California. Wilderville was located 10 miles west of Grants Pass. However the best laid plans never got closer to Crescent City than 5 miles past/west of Wilderville. This Depot served the railroad from about 1914 until 1925. 


This Kit features:
Laser Cut Walls, Doors, Windows, Waiting Bench and Wood Shakes

Other features include: Berkshire Valley Scales; Grandt Line Order Board, Electrical Boxes and Smoke Jack. 

Like many of our kits; Wilderville is versatile and can take on a personal look. Change/remove the order board, open the doors and add interior detail or maybe change the function of the station. That's what the product reviewer from "Light Iron Digest" did. See our Modeler's pages for the rest of the unpublished photos from this review.

"I think that whether you decide to use it as a passenger station or a freight station as I have you find this building a great addition to your layout"      

William Davis:Light Iron Digest
 Issue #54, 2008


Footprint:  4 x 10        Measurement includes Stairs

Wilderville Depot


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